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Turkish Cocoa-Flavored Tray Halva koska

 Turkish Cocoa-Flavored Tray Halva koska
Turkish Cocoa-Flavored Tray Halva koska
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  • Brand: Koska
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  • Weight: 650.00g
  • Location: istanbul
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Turkish Cocoa-Flavored Tray Halva

Koska Turkish Cocoa-Flavored Tray Halva-Candy is produced from Tahini (Sesame Oil) and cocoa. The best flavor for your taste is hidden in Koska Halva Products. Koska Company is the one of the best traditional halva supplier in the Turkey

Koska Traditional Turkish Tray Plain Halva Candy’s main ingredients are tahini and sugar.

The cumin inside the halva protects the body from microbes. Tahini, which is made from sesame, energizes the body.

Koska Traditional Turkish Tray Plain Halva Candy is produced in completely natural conditions, you can consume it safely.

Halva, which has been consumed in Anatolian soil for 600 years, is manufactured with traditional methods by using modern devices. We believe that it will give you and your loved ones happiness.

Koska Traditional Turkish Tray Plain Halva Candy will connect you with its unique taste.

Order now and meet this unique flavor.

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