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KuruKahveci Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee 100 g

KuruKahveci Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee 100 g
KuruKahveci Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee 100 g
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Mehmet Efendi is  most famous coffee producers.

Mehmet Efendi Traditional Turkish Coffee offers you a unique coffee with its delicious. We believe that you and your loved ones will love this unique flavor. You should try a cup of Turkish Coffee to feel real taste.

It does not contain any additives.You can consume it safely. Order now and meet this unique flavor of Traditional Turkish Coffee.When you start consuming, you will be surprised by its freshness. It will amaze you with its taste and aroma. Turkish coffee is produced from high quality arabica beans. It makes people want to drink coffee with its elegant package. This unique flavor is just a click away.

It only takes two minutes to prepare Turkish Coffee. Mehmet Efendi’s original finely ground Turkish Coffee is traditionally prepared in a “cezve”, a small long-handled pot.

1) Use a coffee cup to measure drinking water, and put it in the cezve.
2) Add one teaspoon coffee per cup (6g) and sugar if needed.
3) Heat slowly, stirring well, until the coffee stars to foam.
4) Gently pour a little of the foam into each cup.
5) Bring the coffee to another boil, and gently fill each cup.
6) It is customary to serve Turkish Coffee with a glass of water. The water prepares the mouth for the coffee’s flavor.

Another method of brewing Turkish Coffee involves using a specially designed coffee machine.

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